Hello, my name is David. I’ve been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease in spring, 2003.


BEACOPP(2003), Radiation(2004), DIZE(2006), IGEV(2006), Dexa-BEAM + Transplantation(2006), Velcade(2007), ICE + Transplantation(2007), Radiation(2007), Procarbasine + Vinblastine(2008), Avastin(2008), Dendritic Cell Vaccine(2008), Revlimid(2011), Bendamustine (2011), Afinitor (2012), Adcetris (2013), Revlimid (2014), Revlimid + Bendamustine (2015), Vorinostat + Sirolimus (2015), Adcetris (2016), Nivolumab (2017)


Here is a list of medications I’ve got so far:

2003 – BEACOPP + Radiation of my chest (BEACOPP is a bit stronger than ABVD; they did so because I was on IIIB stage already when diagnosed). “B” means such symptoms as itching and night sweats.

In 2006 Autumn I’ve done high dose chemotherapy DIZE, IGEV, Auto Transplantation (Dexa-BEAM) . My tumor was really big at this time (more than 10cm the biggest conglomerate and a lot of smaller ones all over the body) so doctors decided to do double transplantation and planned one more after 3 months. Between that times they gave me Velcade – that drug also decreased my tumor size. I’ve got second auto transplantation based on ICE chemotherapy.

In summer 2007 I had radiation near my stomach. My oncologist wanted to radiate more places (upper part of lungs as well), but radiologist refused. After a few months my disease was back again. They’ve offered me Velcade again, but I was so sick, so I refused to do anything.

In 2008 Summer I went to Germany and did Procarbasine + Vinblastine, Avastin, Dendritic Cell Vaccine and whole body hyperthermia but this wasn’t really helpful for me. After a few months I’ve left and stopped doing these.

In the end of 2010 I could not stand up from my bed – my Hodgkin’s was all over my body. I was dying slowly feeling very sick.

At the beginning of 2011 I’ve started Revlimid treatment and it helped a lot. Revlimid was holding my tumor growth, and had decreased some effects like itching and night sweats.

Started Bendamustine mono treatment on 28.12.2011. Done 7 courses with good results – 90% tumor size decrease.
Started Afinitor on 16.08.2012 but failed to continue due to side effects.

April – May 2013 – 2 courses of Brentuximab Vedotin. Partial remission. Stopped doing it due to very high cost of treatment.
April – August 2014 – taking small doses of Indian generic Lenalid. No difference from Revlimid. Helping to hold my tumors. Going to do that as long as possible.
January – May 2015 – added generic Bendamustine to Lenalid. 4 courses. Tumor shrinkage.
June 2015 – started Vorinostat + Sirolimus. Didn’t work.
September 2015 – June 2016 – Adcetris. CR :)
July 2017 – Relapse.
July 2017 – Nivolumab.

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